Translational Research Helps NASA Get to Mars

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Cloud and IoT

NASA has formed a unique partnership with Baylor College of Medicine in Houston to develop solutions that will support NASA’s Journey to Mars mission. The partnership, formally called the Translational Research Institute Cooperation Agreement, seeks to design strategies and technology that will protect the health and wellbeing of astronauts during protracted space travel.

Human beings evolved to live on Earth, so – unsurprisingly – space travel can be hard on astronauts’ bodies. For example, long-term existence in a low gravity environment causes vision loss in about 30 percent of astronauts who go on two-week missions and 60 percent of those …read more

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French Wine Production Hit Hard by Bad Weather & Brexit

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Enjoying a glass of your favorite French wine could soon cost you more then you’re typically used to spending, so now’s the time to stock up! Not only has the sudden temperature changes this spring taken a toll on production, but the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union is also expected to impact the industry.

Due to springtime hailstorms, frost, followed by a heatwave, production is forecasted to be 10% lower than last year from 42.9 million hectolitres to 47.8 million hectolitres. In Champagne, one of the worst hits regions, wine production is expected to drop by a …read more

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Autodesk Posts 5th Straight Quarterly Loss

Autodesk stockholders may have breathed a sigh of relief after the company released last quarter’s results as the revenue shot up 8 percent, following a calamitous drop of over $136 million from the previous quarter. However, the company is still losing money, racking up another $98 million in losses for Q2 2016.

Autodesk’s revenue through Q2 2016. (Image courtesy of Autodesk.)

An industry-leading vendor that’s struggling would not ordinarily be a good indicator for the h… …read more

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Mixed Reality Roundup (No, This Is Not About Monsanto)

There’s been a flurry of news recently in the mixed reality sector. If you aren’t familiar with the term “mixed reality,” it’s essentially a combination of virtual reality and augmented reality.
In augmented reality, you see real physical data and digital data is layered over it like a delicious digital cake for your eyes. In virtual reality, you are fully immersed in a digital world and are as blind as a deaf bat when it comes to navigating whatever room or space… …read more

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Agilent Helps Researchers Link Three Parasitic Diseases

A while ago, I blogged about neglected tropical diseases. Agilent recently helped researchers find a common treatment link for three different diseases.

These three diseases – all caused by parasites – are pretty frightening.

Chagas disease (American trypanosomiasis) is found mostly in Latin America, but affects more than 8 million people worldwide. Its parasite can be spread by an insect known as the “kissing bug.” More than 30 percent of victims develop cardiac arrest and heart failure from destruction of the heart muscle and nervous system.

Sleeping sickness (human African trypanosomiasis) is found mostly in rural Africa, where it …read more

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Storing Solar Power in Sand

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Solar power is the most abundant source of renewable energy available, converting the sun’s rays into usable electricity. But when the sun sets, or the clouds move in, access to solar energy is cut off leaving scientists questioning: how do we store solar energy to provide electricity at night? Since regions with plenty of sunshine also have plenty of sand, researchers in Abu Dhabi are testing a device that can store solar energy in sand.

The technology developed at the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology is designed much like an hourglass. The idea is that gravity would drain sand from …read more

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Can Milk Casein Wrap Up Wasteful Plastic Use?

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A team of scientists at the U.S. Department of Agriculture have created a viable alternative to the plastic film used for food packaging. The new packaging film, made from milk protein casein, could be an industry-wide game changer, as it is both more sustainable and more effective than existing materials.

In spite of its widespread use, plastic has never been an ideal material for packaging food. Thin plastic films often fail to prevent spoilage and have also been suspected of leaching potentially harmful chemical compounds into the food they’re designed to protect. Additionally, plastic is inherently unsustainable because it’s a petroleum …read more

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CorelCAD Unveils New CAD Mobile App

CorelCAD has announced the introduction of a new Android app, CorelCAD Mobile, which gives designers and team leaders the ability to use CAD tools from their tablets or phones.

CorelCAD has announced the introduction of a new Android app, CorelCAD Mobile, which gives designers and team leaders the ability to use CAD tools from their tablets or phones.
Mobile CAD applications are one of the biggest trends sweeping through the design industry at the moment, and CorelCAD isn’t waiting aro… …read more

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Simulation—6 of the Most Embarrassing Mistakes You Can Make

Modern simulation software does a lot with a little. You give it some simplified geometry and a few boundary conditions, and you get back brilliant results. But before you run into your boss’s office saying, “It works” or “It broke,” take a moment to check your results. They may be dead wrong. And you could be quite embarrassed.

Figure 1. Nice analysis, but how do you know it’s right? After the results are shown, the checking process should begin. (Image courtesy of … …read more

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