Assystem, Dassault Systèmes Partner for Nuclear Engineering

With an average lifespan of approximately 50 years, owners and operators of nuclear power plants face tight deadlines to ensure that design, construction, operational and maintenance challenges are resolved in a timely manner. Needless to say, streamlining communication and making complex data accessible are of the utmost importance to get the most out of the short lifecycle.
To improve the management and industrial performance of its projects in the nuclear engineering sector, industrial… …read more

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Multispectral imaging camera from PIXELTEQ features live processed images of six spectral bands

New from PIXELTEQ is the SpectroCam VIS-SWIR 640 multispectral imaging camera, which is ideal for SWIR imaging in tissue and biological material analysis for medical and forensics, pigment and object analysis for cultural heritage applications, and quality analysis of produce for agriculture applications, according to the company.

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What’s Hot in Pasteurization? Low Temperatures!

Anybody who grew up in the 1980s or ’90s knows well that milk “does a body good.” However, due to its nutritional value and high fat content, raw milk carries a low shelf life and offers a veritable petri dish for potentially dangerous bacteria. To ensure food safety and prevent loss, dairy processors in the United States are required to pasteurize milk prior to mass distribution.

In this country, the most common pasteurization process for milk is High-Temperature Short-Time (HTST) or “flash” pasteurization, which involves heating milk to at least 161.6 °F for at least 15 seconds. This process kills Salmonella, …read more

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Autodesk Opens Up Project Leopard Beta Test

A look at Project Leopard.

In an email flashed around the globe, Autodesk has announced that its long-awaited, browser-based Fusion 360 option, Project Leopard is open for Beta testers.
The project, which became available in November 2015 as a private, invitation-only beta, is now open as a public beta. While little is known about how expansive Autodesk’s beta will be in terms of features, a silent video produced by Autodesk did give potential testers a bit of insight into what the rel… …read more

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MaterialCenter 2016 Simplifies the Export of Material Data into CAE Solvers

Designed to be the single point of entry for engineers working with material data and CAE solvers, MaterialCenter from MSC Software is a data lifecycle management solution for material data. When used, engineers are able to create CAE models using various CAE solvers for which the software then creates CAE material records based on design data, ASTM/ISO test data and databanks.
Drawing on the success of MaterialCenter 2015, MSC Software has announced the latest version of its materials lifecycl… …read more

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ANSYS CFD Sees Scalability to 1024 Cores on Microsoft Azure

Combustor simulation sees good scalability to 1024 cores. (Image courtesy of the Microsoft Azure blog.)

Simulation analysts and engineers should be keeping a close eye on the Microsoft Azure Big Compute: HPC & Batch ecosystem.
Big Compute provides an on-demand compute resource. These resources give engineers the ability to run large parallel and batch computational jobs such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations.
ANSYS has now followed CD-adapco into the Azure project. There… …read more

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