This Gargantuan Star Is Shedding 30 Earths a Year - Discovery News

Discovery News
If you find yourself eating too much over the Thanksgiving holiday, don’t worry — you can always try out the latest super star diet. One stellar giant in particular has been observed to be losing as much as 30 Earth masses a year! Over 50? You’re At Risk.
Here’s the weight loss secret of VY Canis MajorisThe Hoops News
Giant red star sheds 30 times the mass of Earth every year thanks to enormous …Daily Mail
New study reveals mechanism behind extreme mass loss in hypergiant dying starsGizmag
Astronomy Now Online -Headlines & Global News -Big News -ESO
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David Tennant explains Einstein's greatest theory on its 100-year anniversary - The Verge

The Verge
In 1915, a 26-year old physicist named Albert Einstein published a paper on the theory of general relativity, which posits that gravity between objects is caused by curvatures in space and time (hence, “spacetime”). It’s not that Isaac Newton’s law was …
Dr Who’s Tennant voices new Irish
To Einstein’s general theory of relativity, a love letter on its 100th birthdayQuartz
Sales are up, thanks to
The Indian Express -BBC News
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Is Suspect Product Data the Elephant in the Search-and-Discover Room?

Are we ignoring a big problem?

“Inconsistent,” “inaccurate” and “incomplete” all describe what we call suspect product data. For decision-making that enables engineering productivity, design tool users must be able to trust product data revealed by a search-and-discover solution (SDS).
In this article, I’ll address how to resolve the suspect issue.
Enhancing the Original Concept of SDS with Findability
Let’s start with search-and-discov… …read more

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Mars may one day get a ring of its own - Fox News

Fox News
With Mars’ largest moon Phobos expected to eventually breakup, scientists have wondered whether it would crash into the Red Planet or do something else. Now, a team from UC Berkeley is predicting that Phobos would be shredded into pieces before it …
Mars may be slowly crushing Phobos into a planetary ringExtremeTech
Mars may become a ringed planet somedayCBS News
The Amazingly Creepy Way Mars Will Kill Its MoonGizmodo
EarthSky -Christian Science Monitor -Singularity Hub
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