Howden’s Transition to Fusion Lifecyle

James Howden 1832-1913

Since the 1850s, Howden has been designing and manufacturing heavy equipment for industry. Though the company’s founder, James Howden, first imagined his firm supplying products for the ship building industry, through acquisitions the company has entered other markets, including the air and gas compressor game.
While compressors might …read more

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MSC Apex Release Focuses on Vibration Analysis

Frequency response analysis in MSC Apex for aerospace application.

MSC Software has now released the sixth version of its MSC Apex software. The current release, named Fossa, focuses heavily on vibrational analysis.
MSC Apex is a CAE software that has both modeling and simulation capabilities. It also offers engineers computational part functionality. …read more

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Agilent Solves the Mystery of the Blue Artifacts

A few years ago, Northern Italy faced a scientific and political disaster. Priceless and irreplaceable ancient artifacts started turning blue.

These artifacts included human bones and stone tools from Europe’s last known Neanderthals, an extinct species that pre-dates modern humans. The artifacts were originally stored in an 18th-century castle …read more

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What Is Iray Anyway?

For many in the engineering field, the rendering tab in our CAD applications is a foreign environment. Rendering has been the domain of visual artists and those people who make Pixar movies, not for mechanical designers. In fact, at times, rendering has seemed downright daunting. But things are changing in …read more

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