Reference: Hamamatsu Solid State’s Division Website: Applications

Light Sources, detectors and Gas Absorption areas

Light Sources, detectors and Gas Absorption areas

Credit: Hamamatsu

Online  —  The website has many interesting applications articles on the use of solid state and PM optical sensors in measurement applications.

The one referenced here is a great overview of the use of optical absorption methods (and, of course, references some of the Hamamatsu products one could use).

“Gas analysis is used in many fields including environmental monitoring, process control, energy, and health. Gas analysis based on the absorption of gases at specific wavelengths (UV/Visible and infrared) has advantages over other methods, such as non-contact measurement and high selectivity. The absorption-based gas analyzers require a light source and detector, and Hamamatsu offers many choices of both.”

Hamamatsu light sources and detectors for gas measurement and analysis

On their webpage you’ll find introductions to the light sources and detectors they offer for gas analysis, organized by the wavelength region. You can select your area of interest:

  • Mid-infrared region (approx. 3 – 10 μm)
  • Near-infrared region (approx. 0.8 – 3 μm)
  • UV/Visible region (approx. 200 – 800 nm)

Visit to get started.

Should this interesting and informative webpage no longer be available, there will be copies in the Internet Archive and we have saved a copy in Adobe PDF format here: Gas analysis:Applications | Hamamatsu Photonics.

Solid State Division

The principal line of business in this division is the development, manufacturing and marketing of photodiodes, photo ICs, image sensors and other opto-semiconductor elements.