Measurement Device Types

Grouping measurement devices into arbitrary categories is done by many publications. There is no perfect method, satisfactory to everyone. The scheme used here is arbitrary, new, and, best of all, simple.

One of the beauties of hypertext is that the same topic can be easily linked to multiple locations. So, a little redundancy exists, too.

  • First, the devices that measure fundamental variables of the SI unit system are the most widely used. They’re together, with a few extras per the Bureau International des Poids et Mesures, (The International Bureau of Weights and Measures or BIPM) model .
  • Second, the main functional use of devices, seems a useful way to group specialized devices. So, they are, e.g. Electrical, Process, Testing, Scientific, etc.
  • Third, there are always those that defy ready classification by any scheme. They’re probably new also, but called “Others” here. Quite often they will show up in one of the stories about ne measurement devices that we feature on this site.
  • Finally, the missed items. They may be as yet undiscovered on the webby us and your help is always appreciated. You can make suggestions using our free submission form (You can easily stay anonymous, if you wish, but we ike to give credit where it is due.)

Try a search engine if you have a variable or sensor name. We like Google, but Bing has been getting better lately, and don’t forget Yahoo! (It’s actually been in the search business longer than the Big G!).

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* Fundamental Devices..(Length, Mass, Time, Temperature)

* Biomedical Devices..(Biomedical Measurements)

* Electrical Measurements..(Electric and magnetic variables)

* Materials & Mechanical Testing..(Properties test devices)

* Process Measurement Devices..( Pressure, Flow, Level, Etc.)

* Scientific Devices..(Optical, Nuclear, Chemical, Analysis, etc)

* Other Measurement Devices

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