Flowmeters and other techniques measure flow of fluids and fluid-like substances.

Flow of liquids, gases, slurries and even solids are essential in many research, commercial and manufacturing environments. Aircraft and automobiles need controls for the flow of fuel to engines, especially gas turbine and diesel. Flow of fluids is one of the most common and vital technologies in Industry, Science and Commerce.

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Types of Flowmeters :

Venturi, Nozzle, Orifice, Pitot Tube, PTC-6 Nozzle, Wedge, V-Cone Variable Area, Coriolis, Ultrasonic, Magnetic, Positive displacement, Turbine, Thermal and Insert propeller are some of the names and types of flowmeters one will encounter in the Industrial and scientific world. Just separating them and choosing the one most suited for your use can be a challenge. There are many resources online, not the least the ones you can find using a majr search engine. Here’s one we like:

Units and Conversions for Flow Measurements – the webpage at UnitConversions.org on Flow Conversion has a very comprehensive FREE flow conversion calculator. There are may more, some free, some not.

Calibration and Traceability of Flowmeters:

Flowmeter Standards & Specifications:

ISO Standards on Flow Measurements:

The International Standards Organisation (ISO) breaks down the search subject of  “Flowmeter” into three seperatre listings, each quite extensive:

ASTM Standards:

The ASTM International website”yields a list of some 249 separate individual standard items to an onsite search for “Flowmeter”(http://www.astm.org/search/fullsite-search.html?query=Flowmeter&resStart=0&resLength=10&toplevel=products-and-services&sublevel=standards-and-publications&dltype=allstd&).

API  Standards:

The American Petroleum Institute  (API) list 26 publications related to “Flow Standards” (http://www.techstreet.com/api/searches/1898100)


There are some 18 standards listed by The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) website:


Choosing, Installing, Using and Maintaining Flowmeters

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