• About Measurement Standards
Standards relating to measurement devices are found in many places.Some are explicitly provided in other pages on this site relating to specific measurement variables, like Flow Measurement.
In the USA, the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM International) has a large number of standards for many different types of measurement.
Their standards for temperature sensors and measurements are detailed in the About Temperature Sensors website.

Another of the websites in our network, MeasurementMedia.com, provides a long list of standards development and publishing groups, under its “Links” button on every page of the website.

MeasurementMedia.com, alsoĀ  specializes in providing news of standards related primarily to measurement or the uses and calibration & testing of all types measurement devices.

Overseas, the EUROMET, the European group working on Collaboration in Measurement Standards while ISO, The International Standards Organisation and IEC, The International Electrotechnical Commission, look after standards with much broader scopes, but including measurement and measurement devices.

More links with similar commentary will be added as this website grows, but your suggestions will help.