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MeasurementDevices.com is published by the staff of MeasurementMedia Network at Temperatures.com, Inc. in Southampton Pennsylvania USA. (That may seem an unusual combination of names but see our history below if you need an explanation).

This is a free website. There is no cost or charge to enter information or to visit our directories. Some of our unique downloads are restricted to those who register, but there is no registration fee.

Our sites are news outlets, resource and web guides to measurement devices of all types, some more specialized than others.

We are focused on measurement device technologies, education & practices involved in designing and using measurement devices, including those resources related to measurement device control. We provide several resource hubs for these and for related information.

Makers and sellers of measurement devices are welcome to list their organizations in our directories at no charge and suggest other categories that we have not yet established. Look before you make a suggestion, our lists are relatively large already.

There is no charge and no obligation for links or stories (news releases on topical subjects). Links can even be suggested by a friend of the organization. We moderate each entry and verify the existence of a viable and related website before allowing a submission to be published.

Vendors are also welcome to add their new product news and, if they wish, their entire set of web links and page descriptions to their products and related services. That is free and moderated as we are able to cope with the inputs. Just realize that our database requires a unique URL for each entry.

Duplicate URLs are automatically discarded by our software.

We especially encourage organizations with measurement-related technical information to add a link on either www.MeasurementDB.com or www.TempSensor.net along with a brief description and an indication of the language in which it is written. If it is a compressed of PDF file, please indicate so and try to provide an approximate size of the file as part of your input . Many of our visitors still have relatively slow web connections and may choose to perform a download at a time when their local connection is fastest.

In our experience, there are literally mountains of great technical reprints, white papers, tables, charts and similar technical information sitting almost idle on seldom-visited websites.

Here’s a chance to have more visitors see and benefit from your special information. You gain more web traffic from our traffic, but the attraction is your resources. It’s a win-win situation. Try it and see. There is no cost or obligation. It is web viral marketing at its finest, we think!

Again, we review all suggestions. We have found that some “tech” articles are more like “hand waving” science and not something we would favor.

We sometimes give feedback to people about how to make them more acceptable. We also retain our right to reject a suggested input for any reason or for no reason at all.

We do not knowingly provide links to copyright protected information without proper permission from the copyright holder and recommend that they only be suggested with some indication of the correct permission. However, a link to such a resource is an acceptable and most often a very ethical & legal entity.

Users can also list their related news and measurement successes, review a vendor or resource in our databases plus the Calls For Papers and Meeting announcements on our associated site on Measurement Media of any and all related technical and scientific meetings, symposia and training programs that would be of interest to the community of measurement and engineering professionals.

This web site grew out of a belief that a site cataloging web information on measurement devices and related technologies plus the very important area of measurement device control for measurement quality assurance was possible.

We started relatively small back in 1996 on a part time basis, considering at first temperature sensors with About Temperature Sensors (www.temperatures.com). Then, before the job of that web site was complete, we started this one. Not necessarily very smart, but a lot of fun back then.

You are invited to participate. There are many ways, however we no longer accept feedback or visitors comments on articles due to abuse by some anonymous visitors.

You may, however, email us, but you need to register (no cost!) to access our comment and submission area on most of our sites.

You may always suggest other resources that we have not found yet.

If your organization has products or devices related to measurement, send us your desired listing. You can add product and service news as a news article and organization listings as a web link in the vendor categories.

We reserve the right to reject or edit all submissions. Our basic guidelines are good taste, appropriateness and use of reasonable language without too much zeal.

G. R. “Ray” Peacock
Publisher & Editor

Not surprisingly, the task of growing a temperature sensors website turned out to be a large one and has occupied the majority of our time since 2001. Along the way we created a corporation and moved it operations from the Cleveland Ohio area to Lower Bucks County in Pennsylvania in 2002. The result is that this site was left at an early stage with little coverage beyond the link to our expansive site on temperature & moisture sensors and a little on dimensional and frequency & time measurement devices. I apologize to any visitor who was disappointed with the limited coverage here during that time.

In the interim, Temperatures.com, Inc. was born and we learned a great more about the look and feel of web design and the mechanics of being a webmaster.

Beginning in 2004, we allocated time to improve this site.

It has been converted to a database programming system and we are still growing it, possibly even as you visit! The database operation has more of a community character, much in the mode of our growing Temperature Sensor Community site, www.tempsensor.net.

You can think of them as “News Blogs” especially since they have their own RSS newsfeeds and submissions are accepted from anyone, regardless of location or credentials, as long as it is appropriate and any links are to valid websites.

We have been actively growing the content on this site since late 2004.

The size, richness and scope of the content by mid-2005 had increased enormously. Thanks to the encouragement and support of our visitors and several of our family, we are well on the way to attaining our vision of a rich, web resource that is freely available to all.

In 2006 we split some of the content out of MeasurementDevices.com in order to focus more on news of measurement devices and their uses and technologies. Our Databases and news of R&D and Measurement Practices is concentrated on www.MeasurementDB.com.

Similarly, News and content including a rich database on Publications, Standards, Meetings and Education & Training is now at www.MeasurementMedia.com.

Again we added more resources in 2007 with www.TempSensorNEWS.com an open, news only website for temperature and moisture news. All our databases at TempSensor.net had their indices moved to the home page to increase their availability.

We added IRWeb.INFO (IRApps.com) and www.SpectralEmissivity.com as specialty repositories of applications and technical data and methods in the area of Thermal Infrared Radiation Thermometry and Thermal Imaging (Thermography).

Come back regularly to see our improvements. In April 2005 we began using more graphics in the news stories and added an RSS newsfeed.

A real Blog was added at MeasurementBlog.com in 2007, too. Then in 2011 we realized that there was no site that explained all our sites in one place, so MeasurementMediaNetwork.com was created!

All the news from our key news sites are aggregated at measureNEWS.com. One RSS news feed there carries all the news from the rest of our sites.

Thank you to every contributor. We couldn’t do it without you!


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