Accurate Measurement of Microscope Illumination

1.5 nm resolution

LumaSpec800Fulbourn, UK  —  The LumaSpec LS800S from Prior Scientific is a compact visible light spectrophotometer which provides quantitative spectral power data enabling users to characterise and monitor the illumination source of their microscope system.

Operating from 350 nm to 800 nm with 1.5 nm resolution, the LumaSpec LS800S uses an illumination target slide mounted on your microscope to provide accurate and precise information about the illumination in the sample plane, leading to the most relevant information being obtained.

The LumaSpec LS800S is capable of analysing the output from a wide variety of light sources, ranging from the dimmest LED to a powerful mercury burner light. Continue reading

LED illumination for Sperm Class Analyser (SCA) system

Sperm Class Analyzer CASA System

Sperm Class Analyzer CASA System

Fulbourn, UK — Prior Scientific reports that its Lumen 100-LED has been integrated by Microptic SL to provide illumination for their Sperm Class Analyser (SCA) system.

Microptic’s SCA system is designed to quickly and accurately determine the number of live and dead sperm cells within a sample via fluorescence microscopy.

Fluorescence illumination for the SCA is provided by the Lumen 100-LED system, with Microptic selecting the single high performance LED emitting in the ultraviolet range at 365 nm. Continue reading

NEW Lumen 100 LED microscope illuminator

For fluorescence applications

Lumen 100 LED Illuminator

Lumen 100 LED Illuminator

Fulbourn, UK — The new Lumen 100-LED illuminator from Prior Scientific provides high quality illumination for a wide range of fluorescence applications on both upright and inverted microscopes.

Directly coupling to the microscope for maximum light transmission, the broad array of LEDs available cover wavelengths from 365 nm to 660 nm, ensuring that the Lumen 100-LED can be optimised for the vast majority of fluorescence microscopy applications.

All LED units are interchangeable with the Lumen 100-LED controller. Continue reading

NEW Illumination Source for Fluorescence Microscopy

Lumen-300 Broad Spectrum LED

Lumen 300-LED White Light Fluorescence Excitation Illumination System

Lumen 300-LED White Light Fluorescence Excitation Illumination System

Cambridge, UK  —  Prior Scientific offers a range of highly reliable, high performance LED illumination sources for brightfield and fluorescence microscopy.

The new Lumen 300-LED is the latest addition to Prior’s wide range of illumination products for microscopy. The unit is specifically designed to offer broad spectrum LED white light illumination for fluorescence applications.

Fitting directly to most microscopes, the system is simple to install and use. Controlled by a manual keypad controller, the Lumen 300-LED offers instant on/off operation via TTL, manual 0-100% intensity control in 1% increments and on/off control for each LED. Continue reading