New Trapped Ion Mobility Spectrometer

One of Several Bruker Innovations at ASMS
Bruker’s ASMS Press Briefing introduces a novel trapped ion mobility spectrometer, timsTOF™, for more detailed insights than any current system.

Merging ion mobility and mass spectrometry generates complementary information about ions, teasing apart compound mixtures and resolving molecules that are indistinguishable based on mass-to-charge alone.

Join us on Monday, June 6th at 8:00 am for our press briefing and breakfast. Learn how you can Introduce your readers to the benefits of the Bruker timsTOF™ system and these other Bruker innovations.

Bruker’s next-generation rapifleX MALDI TOF/TOF mass spectrometer now offers significantly higher speed, mass resolution and mass accuracy for proteomics research laboratories, HTS drug discovery, and clinical researchers in pathology.

Our new mass spectral library, Bruker MetaboBASE Personal LibraryTM, contains MS/MS spectra on over 13,000 metabolic compounds, allowing for the seamless identification of metabolites in metabolomics research.

Our new automated HDX Solution, coupled with our maXis II, provides fast, reliable and quantitative data from hydrogen/deuterium exchange studies, enabling biopharmaceutical researchers to readily probe protein conformational changes.

Enhanced versions of our PesticideScreener and ToxScreener solutions and new Bruker TASQ™ 1.1 software (Target Analysis for Screening and Quantitation) together produce significantly increased throughput and confidence for routine applications in food, environmental and forensic markets.

Exclusive Interviews

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CellLive a second generation endomicroscopy platform

In vivo optical imaging

CellLiveGuildford, UK  —  MR Solutions brings new 3D, 1000 X magnification imaging modality to preclinical research MR Solutions’ new 3D in vivo confocal microscope for use in preclinical research provides a magnification range of up to 1000 times, allowing researchers to examine cellular details within a live small animal eliminating the need for a surgical biopsy – saving time and substantially reducing costs.

MR Solutions has partnered with Optiscan1 to introduce CellLiveTM, their second generation endomicroscopy platform to the preclinical market.

The handheld Optiscan probe which is less than 3.6 mm in diameter delivers micron – smaller than a millionth of a metre – resolution. The Optiscan uses a fluorescence2, confocal3 imaging system to achieve this extraordinary level of detail imaging. Continue reading

Datacolor & Flagship Biosciences to Integrate CHROMACAL

Color Calibration into TALIS Digital Imaging Platform

Datacolor-Flagship Tissue Analysis

Cell-based quantification of colon cancer membrane and cytoplasmic staining; advanced tissue analysis of this type relies on consistent color in scanned tissue so that automated algorithmic analysis can be completed across entire assays. Image courtesy of Flagship Biosciences.

Lawrenceville, NJ, USA – Datacolor® and Flagship Biosciences, Inc. (Westminster, CO) have announced a new collaboration to integrate Datacolor CHROMACAL™ color calibration technology into Flagship’s proprietary digital imaging platform TALIS™ (Tissue Analysis Laboratory Information System).

The collaboration is significant because it combines the technologies of two industry leaders to establish a new standard of performance for automated imaging systems used in tissue analysis.

CHROMACAL, the only commercially available color calibration technology for brightfield microscopy, addresses the critical need for quality assurance standards in digital microscopy imaging. Continue reading

Mahr Federal Featuring New MarShaft™ SCOPE 250 plus

At WESTEC 2015

Mahr Federal Bore and Snap Gages to Replace Discontinued Brown & Sharpe TESA Products

Mahr Federal Bore and Snap Gages to Replace Discontinued Brown & Sharpe TESA Products

PROVIDENCE, RI, USA – Mahr Federal will feature the MarShaft™ SCOPE 250 plus, a new addition to their growing family of optical shaft measurement systems, and the MarVision QM 300 video measuring microscope with image processing capability, at WESTEC, September 15-17, 2015, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA, Booth #1835.

Competitively priced and designed to provide fast, accurate, fully automatic measurement of smaller shafts and turned parts directly on the shop floor, the MarShaft SCOPE 250 plus features a highly accurate matrix camera with four million pixels.

The system measures parts up to 250 mm in length and 40 mm in diameter with an accuracy that is previously unknown in this market segment. An MPE (Maximum Permissible Error) of less than 1.5 microns + L/40 when measuring diameter and an even more impressive 3 microns + L/125 when measuring length is significantly more accurate than other systems using line cameras. Continue reading

Ensuring the Flatness of High Power Laser Mirrors

High precision reference flats and mirrors

optspr159Kenley, UK  —  For high power laser applications, mirrors are typically produced by treating a flat substrate with several layers of ultra hard dielectric coating.

Unfortunately these hard dielectric coatings can cause a surface that is perfectly flat to become more convex after coating.

Whilst each type of coating behaves uniquely, depending on coating design, type of material, aspect ratio of the blank and internal stresses, Optical Surfaces has developed expertise to reduce the uncertainties associated with the coating thus maintaining flatness, and hence the performance of the mirror. Continue reading

Analyzing Wheat Crop Health with a Field Spectroradiometer


PSR-1100 and PSR-1100F provide in situ measurements

Lawrence MA, USA – Measurements of a wheat canopy taken with a field spectroradiometer like the PSR-1100 or PSR-1100F, can provide data on protein, lignin, cellulose, water, sugar, starch, chlorophyll content and more.

With these spectroradiomers from SPECTRAL EVOLUTION, spectral reflectance measurements provide insights for physiological wheat trait selection, estimated crop yield for agricultural planning, monitoring of crop stress, irrigation and nutrient planning, and potential early diagnosis and control of crop pests.

With the PSR-1100 and PSR-1100F, NIR spectroscopy is fast, easy-to-use, and completely harmless to the crop sample. Spectra scanned in the field can be analyzed to: Continue reading

Exclusive Biotinylated Protein Collection

AMSBIO launches a new biotinylated protein collection

Biotin Protein

Biotin Protein

Abingdon, UK & Cambridge MA, USA  —  Attaching biotin to proteins and other macromolecules is an established labelling method which allows specific detection of biotin-tagged molecules via anti-biotin antibody, avidin or streptavidin based reporter systems.

Biotinylation reagents are available for targeting specific functional groups or residues, including primary amines, sulfhydryls, carboxyls and carbohydrates.

Photoreactive biotin compounds that react nonspecifically upon exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light are also available and expand the scope of the molecules that may be biotinylated. Continue reading

Global Snapshot: Week in water

By Amy Ryan

Smart Meters Ireland: National water protest against Irish Water smart meter installation

Smart Meters Ireland: National water protest against Irish Water smart meter installation

Metering & Smart Energy International provides a round-up of the news creating headlines in the world of water this week:

San Antonio Water

In the US, San Antonio Water System (SAWS) is re-examining the utility’s loss prevention strategy after the arrest of a former employee for meter theft. The employee and his wife were arrested on 6 charges of theft, all relating to the sale of water meters to a metal recycling business.

“Unfortunately, this is a situation, not only here in San Antonio and not just with SAWS, but across the …read more