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We appreciate links to our site from external websites, especially if we have a link to your site in our data base.

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<a href=””>Measurement Devices for Industry & Science | Devices | Technology | Uses | Resources | </a> (just copy and paste into the html on your link page(s).

It is not about us getting better; it works most for your website. Having an incoming link from more websites helps us grow in traffic and get better ranking on the BIG Web Search Engines (SE) like Google, Yahoo, AOL and MSN.

Your listing here (and in other directories like DMOZ) helps you get better ratings for your website since both we and DMOZ are “quality websites”.

In fact, if you search on any of them for “Temperature Sensor” or “temperature sensors”, you’ll see our companion websites, and on the first page of most; on many we are in the number one slot!.

So, we already have a high ranking for those sites.

However, we still want more traffic here to help make MeasurementDevices grow to those same levels and our advertising more visible to still others. That is where you help us help you, by adding a reciprocal link to our site.

It is all part of something that the web gurus call “viral marketing”. It really means that scratching each others back is good for both of us.

Remember, too, you may add links to our databases at no cost but you must register to do so. Don’t worry: IT’S FREE TOO!. We review all submissions.

Click on the “Links Directory” item on the Main Menu that appears once you login. Once your site is accepted you will receive an email at the email address that you used to submit the info, it doesn’t have to be the same email address as the one you used to register.

Once approved, your site name and a link to it will appear on our Links Directory under the category you or we choose.

You may also add PR and related news stories in much the same way, except you click on the “Submit-News “ menu item in the Main Menu. Your notice about it appearing will be when it shows up on our home page and in our RSS newsfeed.

It will last about 10 days on the homepage and a little longer or less on the newsfeed, according to how many headlines you are set to receive.

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MeasurementDevices is a unique website, focused intently on the news and uses of measurement devices, the technology that enables them and organizations that make and support them. We are aiming to have a high ranking in most search engines and directories; you can and do help.

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